Jewellery is one of those household belongings that have a high sentimentality emotion attached to it and while stolen jewellery can be replaced, the sentiment that is attached to it cannot be. Reports of burglaries, such as the theft of a wedding ring belonging to an 83 year old who was in hospital continue to distress, but what can you do to keep your jewellery out of the hands of criminals? An at-home safe from a place like Safes Warehouse is a great place to start, but where you put the safe will increase your odds even further. Here are a couple of places to consider when you want to hide your jewels from dishonest hands.

The Bathtub

The majority of bathtubs are placed in the corner of the bathroom and have two sides exposed. These sides are covered with particle board to hide the curve of the tub underneath. However, the spaces between the tub and the particle board make the perfect hiding space for a safe.

Hire a builder to replace the particle board sides with a solid wood. When they are installing the new wood sides, attach a hinge to the bottom of one of the sides so that it swings open and lays flat on the floor. Inside this space is where you can place your safe. A small pull ring opener can be placed in the wood near the lip of the bathtub and this ring can be covered by a bath mat when the tub is not in use.

If you wish to increase your odds of the safe not being tampered with during a robbery, have a locksmith bolt the safe to the floor. Since the floor beneath a tub is reinforced to handle the weight of the water when it is full, it will have the strength you need for a safe to remain bolted down rather than ripped free.

The Staircase

This hiding spot is perfect if you have a staircase with a small landing midway up the stairs. All you need to do is to cut a square out of the landing and this can be hinged back into place to create a trapdoor for a hiding space beneath. Build a wooden box without a lid that is bigger than your home safe and then suspend this beneath the landing space.

This creates a hiding hole for your safe that people will walk over every day not knowing that it is there. A small landing rug will hide the pull up tab of the hinged trapdoor, but remember to use carpet tape to keep the rug in place so it does not slide off each time a person moves over it. You don't want that trapdoor being exposed to curious eyes.

If you are not handyman inclined, a builder could put this concept into place for you in a couple of hours.

The Mirror

A mirror safe is an excellent way to protect your jewels and you can purchase one of these from your locksmith. On the outside it looks like a normal mirror, but it slides to one side to reveal all your pretty trinkets hanging up nicely untangled.

When putting up a mirror safe, make sure it is located out of direct sight of a window or an open entry door. You do not want an opportunity thief seeing you use the mirror safe and then using that knowledge to take advantage the next time you are not home.

These three tips are just a starting point of ideas about where you should hide your home safe to keep your most valued possessions protected. Your locksmith has many more tips and will walk through your home with you pointing out great hiding places if you are stumped for ideas. If your jewellery is not currently protected then this is an issue you need to tackle fast. By doing so, your jewels can become heirlooms to be handed down to the next generation rather than stolen and removed from your family for good.