When locks have been in use for a long time they start becoming hard to open or they simply don't. When such a time comes you are left with no option but to call a locksmith. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure your locks stay in good condition and you are not paying bills for avoidable repairs. They include;

Fix your door

The locks are usually attached to the door as well as the door frame. If the door slants even slightly for any reason, you could find out that there is pressure on the lock and it fails to open or close properly. The deadbolt might malfunction as well. The remedy is to be keen on your door to ensure it stays in its right position.

Clean your lock

Cleaning your lock is very important as long as you don't try to dismantle it or use a wrong cleaning agent. Use a mild detergent or a damp cloth.

Lubricate your lock

Locks are usually composed of many moving parts and when these parts don't glide over each other with ease, they need lubrication. The correct type of lubricant depends on the lock; graphite, teflon and other dry lubricants are the most commonly used. If you are not sure which lubricant you should use ask a locksmith. You can do a little lubrication by spraying it on your key and wiggling it in the lock. The major lubrication where the lock has to be taken apart and the parts lubricated is best left to a locksmith. Your locks can require lubrication every year or so depending on the type and use.

Use keys well

Sometimes your lock does not open well because of the keys rather than the lock. As you use your key it wears around the edges. Also, the keys made from a copy rather than the original are not an exact fit and that is why it takes you more effort to open the lock. If you can get new keys to replace old ones and use the original keys to make copies, you will find your lock opens easily again. Whenever you notice you have to turn your keys harder or wiggle them for the lock to open, do not continue. You might end up breaking the key in the lock. This can become an additional cost to you, call your locksmith as soon as you notice a problem with the opening and closing mechanism of your locks.