Residential locksmiths can do much more than just install, repair or change house locks and respond to house lockout situations. Depending on the locksmith, residential locksmiths can provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to the following:

Safe lockouts

With a quality safe, you have somewhere safe to keep important documents, jewellery, cash and other valuables. But what do you do when you forget the safe combination or lose the keys to the safe? Does that mean you will no longer be able to retrieve the contents of your safe? You'd be surprised by the different methods that a residential safe locksmith can employ to open your safe. Some of the most commonly used techniques include drilling, cutting, manipulation, prying and scoping. Your safe locksmith will choose a suitable technique depending on your particular situation. 

Before seeking help from a locksmith, you should first check with your safe manufacturer to find out if your safe is under warranty. Some safe manufacturers usually provide a warranty for lockouts that may arise out of a manufacturing defect.

Garage lockouts

Garage doors are perhaps the largest moving components in the exteriors of houses. Though not all homeowners recognise it, a garage door can be equally as crucial as the front door as regards to home security. Garages are not just used to store cars — most individuals keep a number of costly items, including power saws and lawn mowers, in their garage. If your garage door's locking mechanism is faulty, intruders can easily hide within your home undetected.

A residential locksmiths that specialises in fixing faulty garage doors can inspect the door, identify what the issue is and determine how it can be fixed. If the problem can't be fixed, they will advise you accordingly, the same way they would with a faulty house door lock.


As the name suggests, a peephole is small hole in a door through which someone behind the door can peep or look outside without having to open the door. Though peepholes are a common feature in hotel room doors, they are increasingly being incorporated into most modern homes to provide extra security. Some residential locksmiths offer peephole installation service to their clients.

You should keep in mind that the above-discussed locksmith services may require specialised training, skills and tools to perform and, therefore, not every residential locksmith will offer them. In this regard, you should always ask a locksmith beforehand whether or not they can provide the particular kind of service you require.