Locking yourself out of your own house can be frustrating. The good news is that home lockouts are avoidable. The bad news is that many homeowners do not know how to avoid locking themselves out of their homes. That's because many homeowners rarely think about lockouts. Knowing what to do regarding the prevention of home lockouts will ensure you have an easy time getting inside your home should you ever lock yourself out. Therefore, here is an overview of some of the things you can do to prevent locking yourself out of your home.

Distribute Your Spare Keys

Most door locks come with one or two spare keys. Unfortunately, many homeowners either walk with all those keys or keep the spares somewhere inside their homes. In either case, getting inside your home will be a drag if you find yourself locked out. Therefore, contact a residential locksmith and make duplicate keys. You can then distribute the keys to trusted friends, family members, or even neighbours. This way, if you ever lock yourself out of your house, getting back inside will only be a phone call away.

Consider A Keyless Doorknob

Unless you have lost your key somewhere outside your home, most lockouts tend to occur when you lock your doorknob from the inside and leave your house without the key. With a keyless doorknob, the door cannot lock itself from the inside. If you are heading out and have to lock your house, the only way to do so will be to lock the deadbolt but from the outside. That means you can never lock yourself out. However, remember that this will only work if you have deadbolts on your door.

Invest in A Lockbox

Many people are used to the idea of stashing their spare keys somewhere outside their homes. Unfortunately, this may only make it easier for burglars to gain access to your home especially if you stash the key in bad places such as your mailbox, under your doormat, and under a planter. The best way to keep your spare key outside your house is to get a lock box, keep the key inside, and hide it (the lockbox) instead. While you may choose to have your lockbox visible to everyone, your key will be more secure when the lockbox is hidden. You will need a combination to open your lockbox so make sure everyone in your home knows it.