If you have decided to duplicate your car key, you must be wondering how much you'll pay for the service. The truth is that there isn't a definite answer. Usually, different factors determine the cost of key duplication, but this shouldn't discourage you from copying your vehicle key. This move can come in handy when you lose the original car key and saves you from many inconveniences. To help you have an idea about how much you'll require for the service, be sure to read this entire post. Outlined below are factors that affect car key duplication expenses.

The expert who conducts the duplication 

Car key duplication expenses vary depending on the expert who does the job. If you decide to take your key to the closest local hardware, there is a chance you'll get someone to help you. However, most hardware store workers lack adequate experience in this job. Their training only involves inserting the original key into the duplication machine.

This isn't what happens when you seek the service from the dealership (where you purchase the vehicle) or a reputable automobile locksmith. These experts have the knowledge that's needed to duplicate car keys and can also offer additional services. The cost you will incur at a hardware store cannot be compared to what the locksmith or dealership technician will charge. The price will be higher because you'll get high-quality service from a trained and experienced professional.

Remember that the cost from local locksmiths or auto dealerships will vary. This is usually influenced by the duplication method or machine the professional uses. Consider checking out several options before choosing your service provider.

Type of car key

Another aspect that will determine the key duplication price is the kind of car you own. Different car models require different blanks. Some of these blanks are reasonably priced, while others are more costly. Typically, the older your car model is, the cheaper the service cost. New luxury car keys that come with extra features require a more costly blank capable of accommodating all the extras.

So, before you choose your service provider, consider conducting an online search to get a rough idea of the cost estimates for your car's model and make. Any information you need about the car will be found in the vehicle's manual. Also, find out if a replacement is a better option. If you have an advanced key, duplication can be difficult, and replacement might be necessary.